. : Dobby Adikia*CZ : .

Datum narození - 4.4.2009
Barva - sněžný tečkovaný
Rodiče – matka: CH S*Leopardettes Gauri
otec: EC S*Leopardettes Flash of Fire

"Dobbyjoušek" is a very lively creature. He invents something stupid constantly, for example he hungs by his feet of the scratchers like a bat and he gets everywhere and in any height. He can draw attention with a loud voice. He is very affectionate, loves sleeping in bed and likes food of all kinds. He's huge and good-natured clown, he loves to be a center of attention.

He is a beautiful boy with a big head, gorgeous blue eyes, and a long muscular body. He has soft fur with a beautiful drawing and a distinctive shine.

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