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Arcon Polar Star (Samuel)

British shorthair boy "Sammy" was the very first cat friend of our family. He was a superb friend, a great pet, and as the British Blue cats can be, he was little bit lazy. When he was only 4.5 years old, he left us after a several illnesses. But he showed us, how wonderful cats can be, and since then, we cannot live without them.

Our little Sammy, we hope that nothing hurts you anymore. We will never forget you….

Fabienne Loving Bear

Our Fabienka was an amazing pussy cat with my favorite coloring. I felt in love with her when she was only 6 days old. Even if she was with us only for a very short time, she has cut deeply in our hearts.She wasn´t a great representative of her breed, but what she lacked in size, she made up with a spirit. She had a huge personality with a wild look, worthy of admiration. She left us quite suddenly and unexpectedly when she was 2.5 years old. It is still very painful for us.

Our little girl, you remain in our hearts forever...

Disguisedangel Sirenia

Sirenia was the first kitty of our Bengal litter of Belly and Dobby. She was the most cuddly kitten and forever purring ball in our lap. Unfortunatelly, her life was very short. She died tragically after a few months in her new home, when she was killed by the family dog. Therefore, we ask all dog owners interested in our cats, to come to us, only if they have trained and well-socialized dog. It was a big loss for us and we never want to experience anything like that again.

Our little princess we will never forget ...

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